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How to order a NeurOptimal system?

Neuro-Insight is your Certified NeurOptimal InstructorSo you decided to bring NeurOptimal into your daily life and / or practise. Integrating NeurOptimal into your work will boost your client-results. Neuro-Insight is officially part of the Zengar-representative team. We supply our service from Scandinavia to Germany, or, if you wish, world-wide except for Asia. If you decide to order, please contact us, and we will help you with your ordering process and help you set up your system and get ready to use it. In order to completely understand all the features and endless posibilities of NeurOptimal, our certification courses are there for you as well.

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We offer the following packages:

NeurOptimal on a Laptop

NeurOptimal on a Tablet (makes it very easy for you to offer sessions where ever you want!)

NeurOptimal Comparison Chart

Contact us, or go directly to the Zengar webstore and mention Hannie Ruinen as your representative when prompted on the orderform:

If you would like to have your system, once arrived, set up and get on-line or live help, then please fill in the name of your representative when prompted: Hannie Ruinen.

Questions? Please Contact us